Welcome to Mister Mice!

I'm a small breeder of fancy mice working on Pink Eyed Silver Texel mice aswell as Orange Texel mice. Currently I only have pet quality but I am going to be working on developing more show quality mice. I'm also working on a line of unusually small mice. I plan on attending my first Mouse … Continue reading Welcome to Mister Mice!


Flautas x Yugo II

Litter due 6-14-2019 Rational and results: To ensure the continuation of the amazing temperament genes and the continuation of the PE silver color. Pups expected to be angora, black, orange, solids. Good temperment.

Planned: Kona x Angora PE carrier

Anticipated pairing date is 7-26-19 Estimated birth date will be 8-14-19 Pups will be available for adoption 9.11.19 Rational and expected results: To improve temperament and and produce Rex mice that are carriers for Pink Eye and angora. Pups may include Smooth coat, rex, solid black. Good temperments anticipated.

Planned: Tama x Yugo II

Anticipated pairing date is 6-26-2019 Estimated birth date will be 7-15-19 Pups will be available for adoption 8-12-19 Rational and expected results: Pairing to augment Angora coats and intensify orange coloring. All pups will be angora and pied. Some pups will be orange but we may have blacks and agoutis as well.